MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Task and Workflow Properties

The following is a list of properties that can be added to a custom task or workflow. The properties that are required for a task or workflow have an asterisk before their name. Not all properties are displayed by default.

Note: Most of the properties are not applicable in MicroStation PowerDraft and are provided only for backward compatibility.
Task and WorkFlow Properties
Tool Container * Dimension Specifies whether the task or workflow will be active in 2D DGN models, 3D DGN models, or both (the default).
  * Task Type Sets a global value for the task or workflow that can be used in conjunction with other tests.

For example, My Task has its Task Type property set to "3D Modeling and Design." If Context Menu 1 has its Show/Hide Test property set to "Is Task Type Animation," then it will not be displayed when My Task is active. However, if Context Menu 2 has its Show/Hide Test property set to "Is Task Type 3D Modeling," then it will be displayed when My Task is active.

The default value is "No specific task."

  * Default Layout Mode Determines which layout mode is used for the task's or workflow's tools in the Tasks dialog: Icon (the default), List, or Panel.
  Icon When you add a task or workflow it uses the New Task icon by default. You can change that icon to file in the open DGN file, an imported bitmap file (BMP file), an imported icon file (ICO file), or a MicroStation PowerDraft icon. You can use the Import BMP dialog to import bitmap files in multiple sizes. Imported ICO files change size automatically so you need to import only one ICO file.

If you import an icon from the Import Selected Icons or Import Selected Bitmaps lists, it is copied into the open DGN file. Icons in the open DGN file can be selected in the Define Icon for Tool dialog. Icons chosen from the other lists are not copied into the open DGN file because they are already included in the software. If an icon is imported from the Application Tools, the name of its toolbox is appended to the beginning of its name so that it is unique from the Application Tool.

  * Show Icon with Task Title Determines whether the task's or workflow's icon will be displayed next to its name in the Tasks dialog.
  * Treat Task as Workflow If set to True, the task becomes a workflow.
  Show/Hide Test Determines whether the task or workflow is displayed in the Tasks dialog based on the test selected in this drop-down menu. The tests are based on named expressions.
  Main Task Path Determines which Main task will be displayed at the top of the Tasks dialog when the current task or workflow is selected in the Tasks dialog. If no Main task path is specified, the default "Main" task is displayed at the top of the Tasks dialog.
  Help ID Used in internal implementations to link a task or workflow to a help topic. The syntax for MicroStation PowerDraft is ustnhelp:PowerDraft HelpStringName.

If a help ID is assigned, you can right-click a task or workflow in the Tasks dialog and select Display Help.

Tools contained in a custom task or workflow have one property, Tool Path, which shows the location of the tool in its parent toolbox.

Note: Tasks from the Application Tasks or from other DGN libraries that have been placed in the open DGN library as a reference have one property, Task Path, which shows the location of the task in its parent DGN library.