MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Detaching Linkages

The Detach Database Linkage tool is used to detach linkages from elements or sets of elements using the Use Fence setting operation. Linkages of the type(s) specified in the MS_LINKTYPE configuration variable definition are removed. Linkages of other types and application user data are not disturbed. The Delete Linked Database Rows setting in the Database dialog determines whether the row(s) that were attached to a particular element are deleted from the table.

Detaching Linkages from Cells

To detach linkages from a component element of a cell, you must first drop the cell using a tool in the Drop toolbox .

Note: The Cell Link dialog is used to link a cell library with an existing database table by attaching database linkages to the library cells. You can also use the dialog to remove linkages from the library cells.