MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

IGES Import Errors

Message Means
Unable to open IGES file The specified IGES file does not exist or cannot be opened.
Missing terminator section The terminator section is not found at the end of the IGES file. This usually indicates that the specified file is not a valid IGES file or is truncated or corrupted in some way.
Invalid terminator section The format of the terminator section of the IGES file is not valid.
Unable to create DGN file The DGN file cannot be created because the specified path does not exist, an existing file with that filename is write-protected, or some other condition prevents the creation of the specified file (command line or batch method only).
Unable to open seed file The seed file specified by MS_DESIGNSEED does not exist in the directory specified by MS_SEEDFILES (command line or batch method only).