MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Data Interoperability

The following interoperability enhancements are made in this Update.

Autodesk RealDWG 2017 Support

You can now open and save RealDWG 2017 files in MicroStation PowerDraft.

Save As DWG Options Dialog

The following setting is added to the Save As DWG Options dialog:
  • Copy Raster Files to Output Folder - If on, the raster file attachments will be copied out to the output folder of DWG files. If the raster file already exists in the output folder, the copy out does not take place and the existing file is kept as is. If a raster file is under a sub-folder of the source DGN file, a sub-folder will be created and the raster file will be copied out to that folder. By default, this check box is off.

IFC Addendum 2 Support

MicroStation PowerDraft now supports some of the updates of IFC 4 Addendum 2. These include:
  • Addition of an indexed-based definition for BREP (facet tessellation)
  • Addition of two more base surfaces for the use in Advanced BREP: toroidal and spherical surfaces
  • Addition of an index-based definition for colors
  • Expansion of the indexed colors to at least include opacity values in addition to RGB