MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Changing the Geographic Coordinate System of the DGN

When the GCS of a model is changed, a dialog displays asking the user:

  • Correcting the Geographic Coordinate System - do not change the data?
  • Reproject the data to the new Geographic Coordinate System?

If the first option is selected, then nothing has to be done for the raster attachments.

If the second option is selected, some work has to be done to make the raster follow the vector elements transformations. Because Raster Manager never modifies the raster bitmap, the rasters have to be virtually modified to follow the vectors. Four different situations may occur:

Raster's GCS Raster's Inherit GeoCS from Model Setting New Raster's GCS New Raster's Inherit GeoCS from Model Setting
Defined Off Raster Off
Defined On Old GeoCS Off
Undefined Off (seen as On) Old GeoCS Off
Undefined On Old GCS Off