MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Opening Files in Other Formats

You can open IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STL, STEP AP203/AP214, Image, or Text STEP AP203/AP214, or Text files in these ways:

  • Directly by choosing File > Open > Browse. The current import settings control the conversion. The contents of the opened file are placed in a new DGN file that is created from the Default Translation Seed File. The Default Translation Seed File is set by the MS_TRANSEED configuration variable.
  • Interactively by choosing File > Import > Common file Types, Exchange File Types, or 3D Modeling File Types and selecting a particular file type. You can adjust import settings before proceeding. The contents of the imported file are placed in the open DGN file. This changes the DGN file.
  • By issuing commands from the system prompt. On systems that have a system prompt, you can automatically convert multiple files to DGN files.
Note: DXF files can be opened only if the file extension is dxf. This is because DXF is a published file format.