MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


While MicroStation PowerDraft allows custom color tables, AutoCAD uses a standard color table for all files. The colors used for displaying DWG files in MicroStation PowerDraft match AutoCAD's display colors exactly. MicroStation PowerDraft and AutoCAD both use a slightly different set of colors for plotting DWG files.

Working with Colors That Will Be Saved to DWG Files

When DGN files are saved to DWG format, the colors are automatically mapped to AutoCAD's fixed color table, based on the DGN element's RGB color value.

To explicitly control how colors in DGN files will appear in DWG files, save the file using the Remap capability on the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog, Remap tab.

Working with Colors in DWG Workmode

In general, it is not necessary or desirable to change the color tables used to display or plot DWG files. However, if required, you can change the colors by modifying the color tables DWGDisplayColors.tbl and DWGPlotColors.tbl in the directory indicated by the MS_SYSTEMDATA configuration variable. These files are standard MicroStation PowerDraft tables; modify them using the Color Table dialog. The next time a DWG file is opened in MicroStation PowerDraft, the modified color tables are used.

If DWG/DXF files are attached as references, set the MS_DWGREF_ALLOWMASTERCOLORS configuration variable to control whether the reference's AutoCAD color table or the active design file's color table is used to display the reference.