MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Using Shortcut Snap Modes with AccuDraw

AccuDraw provides a few keyboard shortcuts to enhance popular tentative point snaps:

  • "N" — Nearest
  • "C" — Center
  • "I" — Intersect

These shortcuts work the same as selecting the snap from the status bar, with the exception of Nearest.

The AccuDraw-enhanced Nearest Snap Mode

With AccuDraw disabled, when you snap to an element with the Nearest snap, either manually or with AccuSnap, MicroStation PowerDraft enters the tentative point at the point on the element closest to the pointer. With AccuDraw active, this changes a bit. When the pointer is constrained by either X, Y, Distance, or Angle Lock, and an element is snapped using Nearest snap mode, AccuDraw will attempt to produce a tentative point at the nearest point on the element that also satisfies AccuDraw's lock.

In the case where there is no point on the snapped element that satisfies AccuDraw's lock, the snapped point will simply appear at the point on the element closest to the pointer. This point will then be projected onto the hypothetical line or circle determined by AccuDraw's lock.

Nearest snap with Place SmartLine tool constrained by an angle.

Setting the Keypoint Snap Divisor

Although not technically a snap mode, there is one additional shortcut associated with tentative point snaps, "K" which opens the Keypoint Snap Divisor dialog. This lets you define the number of keypoints in each element. When you use this shortcut, the following snap point is a Keypoint snap.