MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Attach a Reference with Live Nesting

  1. Open the References dialog ( Drawing > Attach > References dialog launcher ).
  2. In the dialog's tool bar, select the Attach Reference tool.

    The Attach Reference dialog opens.

  3. Select the DGN file that contains the model to attach as a reference, and click Open.

    The Reference Attachment Properties dialog opens.

  4. From the Nested Attachments options menu, choose Live Nesting.

    The Nested Attachments options are only available when the selected model has reference attachments. When the Live Nesting option is on, the hierarchical structure of any nested references are maintained when attaching the parent reference to a model.

    Note: In MicroStation PowerDraft, a nested attachment is displayed only if the child reference does not have its Ignore Attachment When Live Nesting setting turned on (in the Attachment Properties dialog) and the parent reference has Live Nesting enabled.
  5. In the Nesting Depth field, enter a high value (for example, 10).

    Set the depth setting to a high number to include even the most deeply nested references when the file is saved to DWG. Although the nested attachments will display in the view window, you will see only the parent reference in the References dialog's list box.