MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

File Name

Specifies the default print file name. If this property is defined for the Windows printer driver, the Print dialog destination is set to "create plot file" whenever this printer driver configuration file is loaded.

If the default print file name is set to a UNC share or LPR port, such as "\\printserver\hp1055" or "", the Print dialog sends the print directly to the printer rather than create a plot file.

Note: This property is only valid for the Print dialog and not for Print Organizer. Print Organizer obtains its file name from the Output File Name Expression dialog.
  In .PLTCFG editor
Property or Record Name File Name
Syntax .
Values <name of a print file, excluding its extension>
Default $(MS_PLTFILES)$(basename(_DGNFILE))-$(MS_PLTMODELNAME)<autoInc?prefix=-?digits=3?base=0>

The following variables allow you to change the default print file's name through text substitution.

  • $(_DGNFILE) in a .pltcfg file — Uses the open DGN file's name in the default print file name.

  • $(MS_PLTMODELNAME) in a .pltcfg file — Uses the open model's name in the default print file name.

<autoInc?prefix=-?digits=d?base=n> — Adds an automatically increasing number to the file name rather than to the file's extension with a preceding dash "-". For example, Solids-Primitives-000.pdf. You must substitute for "d" the number of digits and for "n" the starting (base) number for this automatically increasing number. The <autoInc> variable can be inserted anywhere in the default print file name.