MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Design File Cleanup

Used to identify duplicate elements, overlapping elements, and/or gaps between elements in the active design file.

  • Duplicate — two elements of the same type that share the same location and geometry.
  • Overlap — two elements that partially overlap one another.
  • Gap — when an element has an endpoint too far from another element.

Cleanup actions are performed in the Design File Cleanup dialog. You can set the desired cleanup action(s) from the dialog’s General tab, or you can go to each cleanup action’s individual tab and set the cleanup action as well as further restrict or expand the search criteria.

Some cleanup actions can be performed simultaneously. For example, you can instruct Design File Cleanup to select all Duplicates and flag all Overlaps at the same time. When running Interactive mode, no other cleanup actions can be performed.

Results of cleanup actions are displayed in the # Found section on the Design File Cleanup dialog’s General tab, as well as in MicroStation PowerDraft’s status bar.

Selecting and Deleting Duplicate Elements

When searching for duplicate elements, you can either select all or automatically delete any duplicates found.

Flagging Overlaps

When searching for overlapping elements, you can select all, flag all, or interactively view each overlap found.

Flagging Gaps

When searching for gaps, you can select all, flag all, or interactively view each gap found.