MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Open a DWG File

  1. Select File > Open > Browse.

    The File Open dialog opens.

  2. From the Files of type option menu, choose one of the following:

    — CAD Files [*.dgn, *.dwg, *.dxf]

    — AutoCAD Drawing Files [*.dwg]

    — AutoCAD DXF Files [*.dxf]

    — All Files [*.*]

  3. Select a DWG file to open.

    Note that once you select a DWG file, the Options button is available. Also note that a thumbnail image of the file's contents appears in view pane on the dialog.

  4. (Optional) To specify DWG file open options, click the Options button.

    The DWG Open Options dialog opens.

  5. (Optional) Using the controls on the DWG Open Options dialog, set the options for opening DWG files.
  6. (Optional) To close the DWG Open Options dialog, click OK.
  7. To close the Open dialog, click Open.