MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Printing and Publishing

The following enhancements are made to printing and publishing.

Print Organizer Enhancements

The following enhancements are made to Print Organizer:

  • Support for printing PDF and Raster formats - Print Organizer now supports PDF and Raster file formats.
  • Print Organizer System Collation Support - You can now collate plot sets when printing multiple copies to the Windows printer drivers (printer.pltcfg and interplot.pltcfg) from Print Organizer.
  • New Publish PDF to Personal Share option on the Print Organizer Print dialog.

Single Print Dialog Enhancements

The single print dialog layout has been changed to enhance your printing experience. Other changes to the dialog include:

  • New printer list for easier selection of a Windows or Bentley printer
  • New Print/Print to File button
  • Direct access to the Windows printer driver's Preferences dialog
  • Multiple access points to print to PDF
  • New Publish PDF to Personal Share option on the Print dialog.

Printer Driver Properties

The following printer driver properties are new or changed:

Design Script Rich PDF

You can use the newly supported design script active rendition keywords to create content-rich PDF documents.

2D PDF Property Publishing Support

The Print - PDF Property Publishing dialog can be used to select EC properties to publish along with the graphical data to make a content-rich PDF.