MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Select Additional Elements or Deselect Some Selected Elements Based on Their Attributes

  1. Select the Element Selection tool.
  2. In the tool settings window, select the following icons: Method - Block, and Mode - Add (+).
  3. Enter a data point to define the first corner of the block. Use a left-right direction for inside selection and a right-left direction for overlap selection.
  4. (Optional) Press the <Shift> key while defining points to invert the current inside/overlap direction.
  5. Move the pointer until the dynamically displayed block contains or overlaps the elements you want to select or deselect.
  6. Enter a second data point to close the block.

    Elements that meet the criterion within the block are selected.

  7. In the tool settings window, click the Show Extended Settings icon.
  8. Choose the desired attribute tab.

    The attributes that exist within the selection set (block) are highlighted and displayed in the list box.

  9. To deselect elements with specific attributes from the selection set, click the highlighted attribute.

    The attribute is no longer highlighted and the elements with that attribute are unselected.