MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Importing and Exporting Element Template Data

Template data can be imported from and exported to XML files. If you need to make a lot of changes to templates, you can export the data to an XML file, edit the XML file with a text editor, and import the updated XML file back into the open DGN file.

Menu items for importing and exporting data from the Element Templates dialog are found on its File menu. In addition to the File menu items, there are several key-ins you can use to import and export data.

You can generate an HTML report of all the template data in the open DGN file. This is useful if you need to print a report containing your company's standards, for example. When you generate this HTML report, all XML data in the open DGN file related to templates is generated. The XML data is transformed into HTML using the style sheet defined by the MS_CUSTOMIZE_REPORT_STYLESHEET configuration variable. The default style sheet is customizereport.xsl, stored in the ..\Default\Data\ folder of MicroStation PowerDraft's program directory. The menu item for generating an HTML report containing this data is found in the Utilities menu in the Element Templates dialog.