MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Create an Offset from an Element, Along both X and Y Axes

  1. With a tool active, use AccuSnap to display a tentative point at the required point on the element (or place it manually).
  2. Press the <O> shortcut key.

    The compass moves to the tentative point location.

  3. Move the pointer so that it is indexed on the required X or Y axis.

    This sets the focus automatically to the indexed axis.

  4. Key in the required distance.

    This locks the distance on the indexed axis.

  5. Move the pointer along the other axis, and note that a dashed line indicates that the distance from the first axis is maintained.
  6. Key in the required distance along the second axis.

    Dashed lines indicate the distances from the X and Y axes.

  7. Enter a data point to place it at the offsets.

    Creating an Offset along both X and Y Axis