MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Data Interoperability

The following enhancements in this edition increase MicroStation PowerDraft's ability to work with other file formats and enhance its interoperability.

Added Import and/or Export Support for Various File Systems

You can now import and/or export the following file systems in MicroStation PowerDraft :
  • IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification)
  • Parasolid XMT
  • CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
  • STL (Stereolithography)
  • TerrainModel LandXML (import only)
  • Image (import only)
  • SVG (export only)
  • OBJ (export only)

Autodesk RealDWG 2016 Support

You can now open and save RealDWG 2016 files in MicroStation PowerDraft. RealDWG 2016 is now embedded within MicroStation PowerDraft and is not installed as a separate application.

Save As DWG Options Dialog

The following changes are made to Save As DWG Options dialog:

Support for DWG Features

MicroStation PowerDraft now supports following DWG objects and entities:

DWG Open Options Dialog

The following setting is added to the DWG Open Options Dialog, Advanced section:

Database Support

MicroStation PowerDraft now supports Oracle 12c, 32 bit and 64 bit database.

OpenNURBS (Rhino 3DM) 5.0 Support

MicroStation PowerDraft now supports import of OpenNURBS version 5.0 files.

SketchUp 2015 Support

MicroStation PowerDraft now supports import and export of SketchUp 2015 files.

JT File Support

The following settings are added to the JT Exporter dialog JT Options tab:
  • Export levels of detail
  • Clip volume
  • Drop Cells
  • Remove Small Feature
The following settings are moved from JT Exporter dialog File Options tab to JT Options tab:
  • Level
  • Dimensions
  • Text

Acute3D Files Support

MicroStation PowerDraft provides direct integration of the high resolution 3D models created by the Acute3D SmartCapture software. The Acute3D models (.3mx) can either be opened directly or attached as references to existing models. Furthermore, you can export the Acute3D model to Google Earth with correct elevation (altitude), you can 3D print the Acute3D model, you can drop Acute3D models to MicroStation PowerDraft elements while preserving the texture maps, and while doing all this you can also control the resolution of the Acute3D models.

MrSID (MG4) Support

The Raster Manager now supports the latest MrSID format (MG4).