MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Exporting Models to Google Earth

When you export models to Google Earth, you can use the Google Earth Settings tool to define how they are exported to, and displayed in, Google Earth. Display options include Hidden Line, Filled Hidden Line, and Smooth rendering.

Typically, the steps required to display your design model in Google Earth are as follows:

  1. In Google Earth, create a placemark at the required location and save it as a "kml" file, by right-clicking on the created placemark and choosing "Save As".
  2. In your design model, use the Define Placemark Monument tool to define a monument point that matches the location of the placemark.
  3. In your design model, use the Export Google Earth (KML) File tool to export your model to a Google Earth "kml" or "kmz" file (a compressed "kml" file).
Note: If you have defined a geographic coordinate system for the model, then step 2 is not required.