MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Used to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.

The checked items appear in the Quick Access Toolbar. You can also change the Quick Access Toolbar location and minimize the ribbon.

Open Open an existing design file or a file of a different type as the active design file.
Save Saves design changes to the active DGN file.
Save Settings Saves settings in the active design file. This option is enabled only if the "Save Settings on Exit" preference is set to off in the Preferences dialog Operation category. This allows you to save settings at will, as they are not automatically saved when you exit the file.
Compress Options Used to purge empty and unused data resources as well as deleted elements from the open DGN file.
Undo Negates the last operation.
To Mark Negates operations performed after a mark was set.
All Opens an alert box that lets you negate all of the operations recorded in the Undo buffer.
Redo Negates the last undo operation.
Set Mark Sets a mark in the undo buffer back to which subsequent operations can be undone.
Print Used to adjust printing settings and create a print file, a PDF file, or to print directly to a system printer.
Element Selection Used to select and deselect elements for modification or manipulation. The set of selected elements is called the selection set.
Customize Quick Access Toolbar Opens the Customize Ribbon dialog, Quick Access Toolbar section, where you can add or remove buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Show below/above the Ribbon Display toggle that moves the Quick Access Toolbar below or above the ribbon.
Minimize the Ribbon Minimizes the ribbon. Equivalent to clicking on the ribbon.