MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


This feature lets you insert a multimedia movie or a sound clip inside a PDF document. The movie or sound clip is displayed inside the sheet itself, unlike movie/sound attachments where the clip is displayed in an external application.

Note: The movie/sound multimedia feature is available with the Adobe Acrobat / Reader 6 or later.

For multimedia, you should set the action_item keyword to Media. The action_name keyword specifies a unique name for the movie or sound clip. To insert a multimedia movie or sound clip in a PDF document, you must set the action_type keyword to play_media. The action_spec keyword specifies the file specification for the movie or sound clip.

Note: If a file specification begins with a number, you need to precede the number with forward slashes or two backslashes. For example, action_spec = “d:\anystreet\\2004movie.avi.” or action_spec = “d:/anystreet/2004movie.avi.”

The movie clip is played when you click in the rectangular region that matches the design script criteria.

The following table displays the required/default values for the action keywords when you use the multimedia feature.

Keyword Value Default Value
action_item MEDIA Required
action_name Unique name for a movie or sound clip. Required
action_type PLAY_MEDIA Required
action_spec Movie or sound file specification. Required


! Add a multimedia movie clip
if ((weight eq 2) and (type eq line) and (color eq 8)) then
   ! Create the AVI clip
   action_item = media 
   action_name = "checklist" 
   action_type = play_media
   action_spec = "d:\anystreetdata\extras\valvebox.avi"

   ! Create a bookmark entry for the AVI clip
   action_item = bookmark
   action_name = "Checklist"
   action_type = AREA_OF_INTEREST
   action_spec = "./Multimedia/Installation Video"