MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


The following enhancements are made to the Explorer dialog.

New Tabs

The following tabs are added to the Explorer dialog:

  • Items tab - The Items tab replaces the Items browser. It displays a list of business items contained in a DGN file. Search feature is added to search within the content of the Items tab.
  • Resources tab - The Resources tab displays shared resources available for use in a DGN file.
  • Sheet Index tab - The Sheet Index tab contains controls to manage sheet indexing.

Explorer Dialog File Tab

The following enhancements are made to the Explorer dialog File tab:

  • Toolbar icons - Added zoom, isolate, and transparent tools to the File tab.
  • New options are added to the right-click context menus of items in the File tab.
  • New options such as Display Styles, Detailing Symbol Styles, Element Templates, Item Type Libraries, Line Style, Parametric Cell Definitions, Print Styles, Report Definitions, and so on have been added. New options under Models such as Items, Named Boundaries, and so on have also been added.

Explorer Dialog Links Tab

The following enhancements are made to the Explorer dialog Links tab:

  • The Link Sets dialog is removed. The options to create, copy, import, and delete link sets are now provided in the Explorer dialog Links tab.
  • DGNLib link set and Active file link set can be accessed in the same pane.

Querying Data in Explorer

In the File, Items, and Resources tabs of the Explorer dialog, you can search for objects and specify the search criteria to narrow the results. Based on the requirements, you can either perform a Simple search, Criteria search, or an Advanced search. Simple searches allow you to conduct a search based on searched text. Criteria searches allow you to create simple queries. Advanced searches lets you build complex search conditions that can be saved for later use. Search results are stored in a folder that is named after the search condition. From the right-click menu of the search results folder you can save the results as report definitions (only for Criteria and Advanced search), edit search criteria, delete search criteria, or view properties.

Unified Selection Support

The selection in the Explorer dialog is now synchronized with other dialogs such as Details dialog and Properties dialog. Refer Unified Selection enhancement for further details.