MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Customizing Scales in the Scales.def File

The active scales.def file is used to control the available list of scale factors displayed in the user interface.

The format of this file consists of one scale definition per line, where the format of each line is:
Name;     PreScale:PostScale;     UnitSystems
  • Name - Used for display of the scale factor in the user interface. Use the special value "_[SYSTEM]_" to indicate that the program should use the standard built-in name.
  • PreScale, PostScale - Defines the scale factor as the ratio of PreScale divided by PostScale.
  • UnitSystems - Used to filter the list of scales. The user interface will typically use the active model's master units to control the visible scales. Only scales that specify a system that matches the system of the active model will be displayed. Multiple systems can be specified. If 1,2,3 is specified then the scale will not be filtered based on the system. Valid values for UnitSystems are:
    • 1 - English (based on International Foot)
    • 2 - Metric
    • 3 - English (Based on US Survey Foot)

To customize this data make a copy of the Scales.def file, place it within your Configuration, and define the configuration variable MS_CUSTOMSCALEDEF with that location.