MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Use the Newly Created Named Expression to Name Markups

  1. Open a DGN, i-model, or overlay file.
  2. Open the Markups dialog.
  3. Click the Markup Settings icon to open the Markup Settings dialog.
  4. Expand the Markup Name option button.

    The first entry is Default. After a separator, Markup_<model> is listed.

  5. Select Markup_<model>.

    The field below the option menu shows Markup_Model01.

  6. (Optional) Create more markups, and notice the generated markup names.

    Markups are named Markup_Model01, Markup_Model02, and so on.

    Note: While creating markups, notice the Create Markup tool settings. It contains a Name option button that let you temporarily override (for just this markup) the name/expression from the Markup Settings dialog.