MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Hatching and Patterning

The following enhancements are made to hatching and patterning:

Annotation Scale Setting

Annotation scale setting is integrated into hatching and patterning. You can now apply hatch or pattern to an area with annotation scale by turning on the Annotation Scale lock icon. This also works for hatches and patterns in reference attachments.

You can also apply annotation scale to the hatching and patterning of a solid's section graphics by setting the Area Pattern Is Association setting to True in the corresponding element template.

Drop Pattern

The old Associative Pattern check box in the Hatch Area, CrossHatch Area, and Pattern Area tools has been replaced with Drop Pattern check box. The behavior of the Drop Pattern check box is exactly opposite of the Associative Pattern check box. If on, hatching is not associated with the hatched element.

Associative Pattern Parameters in Properties Dialog

The associative pattern parameters are now displayed in the Properties dialog.