MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Specifying Layout Properties

The Layout controls on the Main tab let you specify properties such as units, size and scale, mirror, fence alignment, rotation, and origin.

It is not always the case that the printer's units and the DGN file units are the same. You can, however, change the printer's units via the Units control to any of the following printer measurement units: in, ft, mm, cm, dm, or m.

Using the Size and scale control, you can set the X Size, Y Size, Scale, and you can maximize the print to fit the selected view or fenced area. You can also set a disproportionate rescale factor or a disproportionate rescale size.

Print Organizer allows you to mirror printed output about the X and/or Y axis. You may find this item useful if you print to transparent or semi-transparent media. Mirroring plot data about the X axis is like "flipping" the data around a horizontal line drawn through the center of the image. Likewise, mirroring the plot data about the Y axis is like "flipping" the data around a vertical line. The size or scale of a print is not affected by mirroring.

The Fence alignment item allows you to align the longest side of the fence with the printer's X or Y axis. For prints that are not rendered and do not contain a camera definition, you can specify any rotation in the 0–360 degree range. For rendered prints or prints containing a camera definition, you are restricted to orthogonal rotations.

You can also specify an origin for the printed output or center the printed output in the printable area of the page. The origin specifies the horizontal and vertical distance in printer units from the lower left corner of the printable area to the lower left corner of the page.