MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Introduction to Printing

The printing tools provide many features that simplify the process of creating printed output of your designs.

Printing can be as simple as setting up a view or placing a fence around the area of interest and clicking the Print icon. Typically, the result will be printed output to either a large-format plotter, a small laser printer, or to a file on disk (refer to the Print Dialog section for printing the active design file).

When you need to produce printed output from DGN, DWG, raster, or PDF files, use Print Organizer. Print Organizer creates print sets, which are used to identify, save, recall, and print a particular set of files.

Pen tables and design scripts allow you to resymbolize your design. In other words, you can produce printed output that looks different from the on-screen view of the design. Pen tables are created using the Print dialog's pen table editor while design scripts are created using a text editor like Notepad. Pen tables and design scripts are ASCII files and are stored in a file on disk. They are supported in both Print Organizer and the Print dialog.

Using print styles you can define and reuse named collections of print definition properties. Print Styles are created using Print Organizer's Define Print Styles item on the Tools menu, and are stored in the open DGN file or in the configured DGN libraries. Print styles are supported in both Print Organizer and the Print dialog.