MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Using Curves

With manual drafting tools, you can draw a point curve (a curve through a series of points) with a French curve. MicroStation PowerDraft has, in effect, a "virtual" French curve for placing point curves.

LPoint curves are based on a relatively simple mathematical formula — there are no settings that control the curve's shape. As you place a point curve, it dynamically displays as you enter data points. Of course, you can place active points or other elements to snap to as you place the point curve, and you can enter the data points using AccuDraw.

Point curves are placed with the Place Point or Stream Curve tool in the Linear Elements toolbox.

Point curves

Note: You can use MicroStation PowerDraft to display and copy B-spline and Bézier curves placed with other MicroStation PowerDraft products. A B-spline curve is more complex mathematically than a point curve. A B-spline curve's shape is determined by the number and location of its poles, which are represented as vertices of the curve's control polygon and its order. A Bézier curve is a B-spline curve with the same number of poles as its Order.