MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Display Labels

The Display Label is an optional property found on the General tab of the Printer Driver Configuration dialog that gives the CAD administrator more flexibility in how printer driver configurations are identified, other than just the file name. Display labels also make it easier for a novice user to select an output format such as PDF from the printer list. For more information, see To Add or Change a Display Label for a Printer .

Tip: It is recommended that users set the display label whenever they create a new printer driver configuration file, in order to prevent duplicate labels in the Print dialog printer list.
Note: If the display label is undefined, as it will be for all existing .pltcfg files, the file name of the .pltcfg file is used. Also, legacy .plt files do not support display labels. Their display labels are always the file names, and they are always visible in the Print dialog printer list.