MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Organization Configuration Files

Upon returning from including WorkSpace Setup.cfg, msconfig.cfg includes your organization-wide configuration files (if any):
# Include the Organization specific Configuration Files.
# The Configuration Files in the _USTN_ORGANIZATION directory are intended to
# set Configuration Variables that point to organization-wide standards
# such as level libraries, cell libraries, etc. Those settings can be
# augmented or overridden at the WorkSpace or WorkSet level.
%level Organization
%if exists ($(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)*.cfg)
%  include $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)*.cfg

As delivered, _USTN_ORGANIZATION points to the Configuration\Organization directory, which contains one configuration file, standards.cfg, which sets Configuration Variables assuming the generic directory structure in the delivery. If you have redirected _USTN_ORGANIZATION, you can either adopt the same directory structure or change it to meet your needs. Since the %include statement above includes all configuration files in the _USTN_ORGANIZATION directory, you can call your configuration file something other than standards.cfg, and you can use more than one configuration file in that directory if you prefer. They will be included in alphabetical order.