MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Element Keypoints

Keypoints are regularly-spaced points in an element to which a tentative point will snap when the Snap Mode (or override) is set to Keypoint. The number of keypoints on each segment of a linear element (line, line string, or shape) is one greater than the Snap Lock Divisor setting. If Snap Lock Divisor is 2 (as in all seed files supplied with MicroStation PowerDraft), keypoints are as shown in the figure below. The midpoint of a linear element is a keypoint only if the Snap Lock Divisor is an even number.

Note: For text, the keypoint is determined by the justification attribute. That attribute and others specific to text elements are described in Text Labels.

Element keypoints (with Snap Lock Divisor set to 2 and the text element left top justified). Clockwise from the upper left: Arc, arc, line, line string, text, ellipse, and shape.