MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

To Create the Shared Clash Detection Job

  1. Copy the ClashDetection.dgnlib from ..\Default\Dgnlib\ClashDetection location in MicroStation PowerDraft's program directory to another location, say ..\Organization\Dgnlib\ClashDetection\ .
    Note: Make sure the new location is defined in the MS_DGNLIBLIST_CLASH configuration variable.
  2. Open the copied ClashDetection.dgnlib.
  3. Open the Clash Detection dialog and create a new (shared) job.
  4. (Skip this step if you do not want to share rules.) To import the rules, key in clashdetection rules import <XmlPathName>, with XmlPathName set to the previously exported rule file.

    Check that the rules are imported as expected.

  5. Save the job, save the DGNLib file, and close.