MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

IGES Import Warnings

Message Means
Parameter type does not match directory record The entity's parameter data does not match the type specified in its directory record. The entity is ignored.
Invalid Copious Data Format A copious data (type 106) entity of a form not supported by MicroStation PowerDraft was encountered. The entity is ignored.
Unsupported entity An entity type in the IGES file is not supported and is therefore omitted from the DGN file.
  • String constant broken before Hollerith character
  • String field too long
  • Hollerith character missing for string field
  • No field delimiter

These errors are caused by data that does not conform to the IGES syntax specification. IGESIN attempts to infer or ignore the invalid data. However, missing or incorrect geometry can result.
  • Invalid directory type
  • Invalid PDS Pointer in directory record
  • Invalid directory sequence
  • Invalid PDS count in directory record
These errors are caused by IGES files that are syntactically correct but that contain data inconsistent with the IGES specification. In most cases, IGESIN omits the erroneous entities and continues translating.
Invalid line font (ignored) An invalid line font was encountered. The default line style is used for the entity.
Subfigure instance error An error is encountered extracting the subfigure definition for the specified instance. The instance is omitted from the DGN file.
Unsupported conic form An unsupported conic form is encountered. MicroStation PowerDraft currently supports all conic forms specified in the IGES standard, such as ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas.
Invalid hyperbolic conic A degenerate hyperbola definition is encountered. No geometry is generated in the DGN file for the conic entity.
Invalid parabolic conic A degenerate parabola definition is encountered. No geometry is generated in the DGN file for the conic entity.
Unable to standardize conic The conic cannot be reduced to standard form through standard rotation and translation of axis techniques. No geometry is generated in the DGN file for the conic entity.
Invalid revolution axis The axis for a surface of revolution (type 120) is not a valid line (type 110) entity. No geometry is generated in the DGN file for the surface of revolution.
Invalid entity pointer An invalid entity pointer was encountered in the parameter data for the indicated entity. The entity is ignored.
Invalid viewing transformation The transformation for a view entity is not orthonormal. The view definition is ignored.
Unable to create sheet file: <filename> The specified sheet DGN file cannot be created because the specified path does not exist, a write-protected file exists with the same filename, or the file cannot be created for some other reason. The drawing entity associated with this sheet is ignored.
Unable to open sheet seed: <filename> The sheet seed file specified by the MS_SHEETSEED configuration variable cannot be opened in the directory specified by MS_SEEDFILES. Either the file does not exist or read access is not available. The sheet DGN file is created by copying the header or the model DGN file rather than using the sheet seed file.
Invalid weight value An invalid line weight value is encountered for the indicated entity. The weight of the entity is set to zero.
Subfigure name changed: <Subfigure_Name> => <Cell_Name> The name of the IGES subfigure is altered to meet the MicroStation PowerDraft requirement of six-character alphanumeric cell names.
Can't add cell to library This error occurs if the active cell library is write-protected.
Can't find section pattern <CODEnn> A section pattern that is not in the cell library "igespats.cel" is encountered. The section pattern is ignored. You can correct this by creating a pattern cell for the section and adding it to "igespats.cel" with CODEnn as the cell name (nn is the section code number).
Unable to open pattern cell library The pattern cell library "igespats.cel" is not found. This library is required for sectioned area entities (type 230). The configuration variable MS_CELL is used to locate the cell library. Be sure that "igespats.cel" exists and that MS_CELL points to its directory.
Unsupported Associativity Form An unsupported associativity form is encountered. The associativity entity is ignored.
Element off design plane The geometry for an IGES entity is not included in the model plane (volume in 3D) of the DGN file and is omitted. Usually this means that the working units of the DGN file are not appropriate for the IGES file being imported. You can correct this by choosing an appropriate seed file, adjusting the working units in the Working Units dialog, or setting Translation Units to Sub-Units or Calculate.
Maximum cell size exceeded, Subfigure dropped to components MicroStation PowerDraft supports a maximum cell size of 65,000 words (1 word = 2 bytes). If an IGES subfigure exceeds this limit, it is placed in the DGN file as individual components rather than as a cell or shared cell.
No UV Curve in Curve on Surface A type 142 (curve on surface) entity is encountered with a zero pointer for the UV curve entity. The curve is ignored. This usually causes a trim boundary to be omitted from a surface.
Unsupported Line font definition (304) form An invalid form for a Line Font Definition entity is encountered. The font definition is ignored.