MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Specialized Manipulation and Modification Tools

If you need to manipulate or modify elements with more precision, it is possible with the technique of dragging elements or handles on elements with the Element Selection pointer, or if you need to delete elements, use a specialized element manipulation or modification tool. These tools can be used in conjunction with the Element Selection tool or by themselves.

This table summarizes the toolboxes that contain specialized tools used to place, manipulate, and modify elements.

To Use a tool in the
Copy, move, scale, rotate, or mirror elements. Manipulate toolbox
Change (attributes, level, etc. of) elements. Change Attributes toolbox
Modify (the shape or size of) elements. Modify toolbox
Note: The first method is referred to as noun-verb because the element(s) are distinguished before the specialized tool is selected. The second method is referred to as verb-noun. All specialized tools work with the verb-noun method. Not all can be operated noun-verb. When you select a tool that does not work on a noun-verb basis, MicroStation PowerDraft automatically deselects any selected elements.