MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Organizing Links and Folders

You can organize the links within a link set by putting the links in folders. Folders can exist on one level, or you can place folders within other folders. When you add a folder you must give it a unique name. Folders and links are moved by using the drag-and-drop technique, like you do with folders and files in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Within a link set you have control over the sequence in which the folders appear. You can move links within a folder or to a different folder. You also can delete folders and links. When you delete a folder, the links within the folder are deleted as well.

The only time you cannot edit folders and links is when they appear in Explorer as the contents of another file. For example, you could have a link to a DGN file. The linked DGN file contains a design model with saved views and references. The saved views are automatically stored in a Saved Views folder. The references are automatically stored in a References folder.

  • You cannot move the design model, saved views, or references into other folders.
  • You cannot rename or add folders to the design model, saved views, or references.
  • You cannot delete the links to the design model, saved views, references, or the folders in which they are stored unless you delete the link to the DGN file in which they are contained.

When folders and links are contained in another file, they appear in gray text in the Links tab of the Explorer dialog.