MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

WorkSpace and Raster Options Properties

The Advanced tab on the Print Styles dialog contains check and drop-down list boxes to specify WorkSpace, color, and raster options. You can also specify whether or not to update a print definition’s name and design file data.

The Advanced tab contains drop-down list boxes to define print definition properties. The first item in each drop-down list box is an empty list item. If a list box is set to the empty list item, it does not set the print definition property.

You can specify a WorkSet to determine which font and line style resource files to use when creating printed output. If you do not specify a WorkSet, the active DGN file's WorkSet is used to create the printed output. You can use the Clear value in print definitions check box to clear a previously set WorkSet.

Using the Color Options, you can set the color for both vector and raster data to Monochrome, Grayscale, or True Color. If you select Print raster images and Print raster in grayscale, raster images will print in grayscale regardless of how the Color Options property is set. The Print monochrome raster as-is property allows you to print the raster’s foreground color as-is or inverted if it is identical to the background color of the output media. If you set this check box, the raster’s foreground color will print as-is. You can also set the brightness, contrast, and quality factor for raster images.

Note: When the Print to 3D check box is selected, the color is set to True Color and cannot be changed.

You can set the Update from design file check box to update the print definition with the most recent information about the master models and views defined within the DGN file. To update the print definition name using the expression name specified on the Default Print Definition Name Expression dialog, set the Update print definition name check box.