MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Entering a Key-in

Before you enter key-ins, the Key-in window must have the input focus. When the Key-in window has the input focus, the blinking text cursor appears in the key-in field, the title bar (if visible) is highlighted, and the Key-in icon appears in the status bar.

Key-in icon in status bar

Key-in window. Top: Full-size. Bottom: Resized.

MicroStation PowerDraft recognizes abbreviated key-ins. For example, the key-in MDL LOAD <application_name> can be abbreviated MDL L <application_name>. The abbreviation cannot be ambiguous; that is, it must be unique.

Note: You can enter multiple key-ins (or combined key-ins) separated with a semicolon. For example; PRINT DRIVER pscript.pltcfg; PRINT BOUNDARY fence; PRINT SCALE 2:1; PRINT EXECUTE section1.eps will create a postscript file on your desktop.

Tip: These tips help you to use the Key-in window:

  • To automatically complete the keyword selected in a list box, press <space bar>.
  • To scroll through previously entered key-ins, enter the prefix (for example, MDL) and use the cursor keys to scroll through the list.
  • Many key-ins conclude with a parameter, which is either optional , as in the BACKUP key-in, or required. In some cases it is convenient to define a parameter in a key-in with a configuration variable.
  • Many key-ins require you to enter a name or value. Multiple name/value pairs can be separated by commas. If spaces are needed in the name/value pair string, surround the entire name/value pair string with double quotes.
  • Many key-ins provide full command syntax in the Message Center window. For example, if you enter a key-in LEVEL SET BYLEVEL COLOR, you can check the Message Center to see that the key-in syntax is invalid. The correct format is provided in the Message Details section of Message Center window.
  • The Key-in window is dockable. Docking the Key-in window automatically resizes it so only the top of the dialog is visible. When the Key-in window is docked, you can click the Browse Key-in icon to see more of the dialog.To undock the Key-in window and simultaneously expand it to its full size, select Help > Key-in Browser.