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Border Text Offset

Determines the position of the border text. The border text offset is interpreted as the distance from the lower left corner of the physical page. By changing the Border Text Offset property you can place border text anywhere on the page — bottom left corner, top right corner, etc. You must specify the X and Y values in centimeters. For example, a setting of /offset=(2.50, 2.50) starts your border text 2.5 cm from the bottom and 2.5 cm from the left side of the page. If the border text offset is undefined, or if it is set to (0, 0), then the border text origin is determined automatically.

  • (Windows printer driver) If you do not specify an offset, the printer driver calculates an offset. This calculation depends on whether full sheet mode is specified and it places the border text just inside the lower-left corner of the printable area. When you specify an offset that is smaller than the calculated offset, the border text may move closer to the lower-left corner of the page and could be partially clipped.
  • (PDF and PostScript printer drivers) If you do not specify an offset, the lower left corner is calculated by taking the print origin and subtracting the /text_height plus 10 pixels (if space permits). This results in text that lies just below the print's border rectangle with a small margin, assuming the print is not maximized. If the print is maximized, the print's Y origin may be zero and cannot be decreased. In that case, the text is drawn with its baseline along the Y axis, possibly directly atop the print's border rectangle.
Note: This property is used only by the Windows, PDF, and PostScript printer drivers.
  In .PLTCFG editor
Property or Record Name Border Text Offset
Syntax .
Default 0,0