MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Edit Associated Command

Used to add or modify command associated to graphic elements in screen menus.

You can open this dialog from the following:

  • In the Edit Key-in Associated with Element tool's Operation setting, select Add or Modify Key-in and select a graphic element.
Key-in Enter the key-in that you want to associate to the command.
Tooltip Enter the tooltip that you want to display when the cursor hovers over the command when the screen menu is visible.
Shortcut Key Enter a single character shortcut key using which you want to activate the command. The shortcut key is not case sensitive. Make sure the shortcut is unique among the commands in the screen menu.
Close Popup If on (the default), the screen menu closes when the specified key-in is started.
Saved View (Available only when Close Popup is off) Lists the saved views in the selected model and allows you to select a saved view. If a saved view is selected, the effect of selecting the command is to execute the Key-in string (if any) and switch the menu to the designated saved view. The Key-in field is often left blank to make the only action switching to the saved view.
Transition Type (Available only when Close Popup is off and a saved view is selected in the Saved View drop-down list) Sets the transition type. Options are None and Fly. If Fly is selected, the Transition Time setting is enabled and allows you to set time for transitioning to the new saved view.
Transition Time (Available only when Transition Time is set to Fly) Set the time, in seconds, for transitioning to the new saved view.