MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Database Dialog

Used to control settings related to linkages between elements and database rows.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Settings > File > Database Settings

Linkage Mode Sets Linkage Mode, which determines how the Active Entity is treated when attached to an element. The available linkage modes and their characteristics are summarized in the table.
Linkage Mode New Row Comment
None no No linkages can be established.
New yes New row added for every linkage; rows cannot be attached to elements in the design. The most common Linkage mode for most applications; in this mode, the Active Entity can be thought of as a "prototype" row. Each time a linkage is created, the Active Entity is copied and added to the database as a new row. The element is then attached to the new row.
Information no Same as Duplicate; information property bit set for use by applications.
Duplicate no All linkages from the same Active Entity point to the same row. This is useful when you need to associate elements only with a generic type of row rather than a unique instance of that row type.

After you choose a Linkage Mode, it is displayed in the status bar. When Linkage Mode is changed, the Active Entity must be redefined.

Forms If set to Text Screen, the database screen forms tool is enabled in MicroStation PowerDraft. This option menu is dimmed if the database interface is not configured. If set to None (the default), the screen forms tool is disabled in MicroStation PowerDraft: The Review Database Attributes of Element tool uses the SQL SELECT statement specified in the sqlreview column of mscatalog, and the displayable attribute loading tools use the SQL SELECT statement specified in the sqldas column of the displayable attribute table.
Displayable Attribute Type An integer value that identifies the SQL SELECT statement or the screen form for loading displayable attributes in a text node linked to a database row. The mapping between displayable attribute types, SELECT statements, and screen forms is in the displayable attributes table. A value of zero disables displayable attribute typing of text nodes.
DA= [ value ]
Delete Linked Database Rows If on, database rows are deleted when linked elements are either deleted with the Delete Element or Delete Fence Contents tool or rows are detached with the Detach Database Linkage or Detach Database Linkage from Fence Contents tool.
Confirm Rows If off (the default), when you use the Attach Displayable Attributes tool or the Define Active Entity Graphically tool, MicroStation PowerDraft operates upon the first database row attached to the identified element. Frequently, only one row is attached to each element.

If on, MicroStation PowerDraft displays each database row sequentially and waits for you to accept one.