MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Define Icon for Tool Dialog

Used to select an icon for a custom tool, task, workflow, or context menu item.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Customize dialog: select a custom tool, task, workflow, or context menu item, expand the General Settings category in the Properties pane, and click the button in the Icon field

Look for icons in Used to choose the source from which you want to select an icon.
  • Current Design File — Contains icons in the open DGN file. Use the Icons tab in the Customize dialog to import, delete, and export icons from the DGN file.
  • Applications — Contains the icons listed under Application Tools in the Customize dialog. It includes all MicroStation PowerDraft tools and MDL application tools.
  • Import Selected Icons — Used to select icon (ICO) files.
  • Import Selected Bitmaps — Used to select bitmap (BMP) files.
Note: The settings for the MS_ICONLIBRARYLIST, MS_ICONRSCLIST, _USTN_SYSTEM_GUIDGNLIBLIST, and MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST configuration variables determine which icons appear in the Applications source.
Browse Used to navigate to a source if Import Selected Icons or Import Selected Bitmaps is chosen in the list box above.
List of icons Displays the icons in the selected source.