MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Add a Related Object to an Element/Tag Set

Ensure that the tag set is associated with the Element and its properties in the DGN.
  1. Open the Reports dialog (Drawing> Analyze > Reports).
  2. Create a new report definition
  3. In the report definition, in the Properties section, select Object > Instances > Tag Instances The Objects dialog opens.

  4. Select Tag Instances from the Include these Objects drop-down menu .

  5. Select Add related Objects. The related object drop-down menu is displayed.
  6. Expand the Tag is attached to Element node the drop-down menu.

  7. Select Elements from the Tag is attached to Elements option.

  8. Click OK on the Object dialog. The related objects are associated with the element along with the selected Tag Instances.

  9. Select Columns in the Report definitions and click on Add Columns. The Select Columns to Add dialog opens.

  10. Click OK.

    Note: The "From Related Object" in the Column definition shows properties from the Included source object. The default setting is set to No. If you change this setting to Yes, the related object and its properties are displayed in the reports.
  11. For "Included object", i.e. Tag Instance in our example, properties like "Tag Name" and Tag Value are unique to "Tag Instance". Therefore you don't see "From Related Object" option.

  12. However, the properties "Element ID" & "Element Description" belong to both "Included object" i.e Tag Instance & Related object i.e. "Element". Therefore you see "From Related Object"

  13. By default "From Related object" is set to "No". Meaning, it will fetch values from "Included" object i.e. from Tag Instance in our example.
  14. Click on Preview to see the results.

    Note: You get Element ID & Description of Tag Elements.
  15. Set "From related Object" to "Yes", to get report with values of Element ID and Description from "Related object", which is an element on which tag resides here in our example. Preview will be:

    Note: Element ID and Description is of Line on which the tag resides.