MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Clone Items

Used to clone attached Item Types from one element to another.

You can access this tool from a selected element's reset pop-up menu. The element should have item type information associated with it

Text Style Allows you to select a Text Style from the drop-down menu..
Search Items Allows you to search the Item Types by name.
Item Types Listbox Lists items and properties attached to the element. You can select the item types you wish to clone using the checkbox.
Search Allows you to search the details associated with the selected property. Details are listed in the section below Search. You can use the expander button to expand the properties of the selected item.
(Technology Preview) Display Text OFF/NO
Allows you to display all item type properties when placed as text.
  • Display Text ON–

    Will display the item type properties when placed as text.
  • Display Text OFF -

    Will not allow you to place item type properties as text.
    Note: Item Type properties will get attached to the element but not be placed as text.
The property value can be placed as Text in the design once you have cloned the element. The placed text will maintain an association with the element. When this element is selected, the text property displays as a single Text Node in the Properties dialog.