MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Add to a Tool a Key-in That Links to a Website

  1. In the Customize dialog ( File > Settings > Configuration > Customize ) , click the Tools tab.
  2. Expand the User Tools section and expand the open DGN file.

  3. Expand the toolbox containing the tool to which you are adding the key-in.

  4. Select the tool to which you are adding the key-in.

    If the tool's Key-in property is not visible in the Properties pane, click the arrow on the right side of the Command Data tab.

  5. In the Key-in field, type a percent sign, the name of your browser's executable file, a space, and the website's address. For example, to run Microsoft Internet Explorer and link to the Bentley website you would type %iexplore www.bentley.com.

    Your browser will open to the website when you open the toolbox and click the tool.