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Defects Resolved in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17

Below is the list of issues resolved in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.

Issue Number Description
757214 Add access support to WMTS server with username&Password interactively
776688 Attaching this XWMTS crashes specific MicroStation vvd.XWMTS
897094 Resolved issue with Raster Manager XMWS attachment causes MicroStation to hang with- reprojection - custom CS "S34S' and DKTM3
803525 Corrected GCS reprojection from Mercator to Lambert not correct for WMTS map.
721937 Fixed opening a certain DGN file that crashes MicroStation.
763736 Changes to settings like Prefix or Accuracy in Label Coordinates tool not saved after exiting MicroStation
862804 Fixed issue with print organizer crash when switching view property.
657527 Resolved issue with Color table wont remain attached and elements get seen in its previous colors after close reopen file.
654713 Fixed issue with plots with lower WMS raster resolution incongruously take longer to generate and reveal excessive WMS network traffic [LE34 ]
748638 Improved un-rasterized print in MicroStation takes longer than usual time to print when WMS is attached to a reference file.
661123 Fixed Fields are not updating after modifying the shape.
661150 After Editing Enter-Data Field, Text Color Changes to 0, resolved.
658523 Resolved issue with the status of resizable/sortable columns in list boxes is automatically saved to user preference, the sort marker is showing wrong direction.
656065 Fixed specific STEP Import is not importing solids at correct location.
654335 Fixed issue with unable to publish iModel if versioned doc.
660377 Resolved issue with large databases issues parsing table names using the function mdlDB_describeDatabase()
656991 Fixed issue where cells in a group deleted in specific file.
657169 Resolved issue with Level overrides not being saved in specific file.
657222 Global Display shows Incorrect Used Levels when we have Master & Reference both selected in the Level Display Dialog - Fixed
657248 Specific file where level displayed in V8i is not retained when opened in CONNECT Edition.
656193 Linear Pattern not followed when placed along curve or arc in specific file.
656118 Create Region ignores the Max Gap setting when in Flood mode for particular file.
657656 Fixed issue with Nested reference symbology synchronized itself.
657689 Links of elements from Reference are still showing visible with the level turned off in certain file.
657626 Fixed issue with specific file where Global Display level changes of nested reference DWG files are not displayed in Connect Edition after reopening the master file.
661443 Odd values in transparency and priority slider with decimal delimiter set to comma instead of dot fixed.
753628 Fixed issue with SmartMatch tool doesn't work for fill type.
670010 Level name not changing when using SmartMatch tool when level filter is on.
790730 The dialog "LandXML Import" shows blank in the surface field box caused the blank surface name in XML file.
761844 Resolved issue with SmartMatch matching line style scale and text height and width from a reference file.
761091 Frozen level information stored in viewport attachment in source model lost while copying model.
875157 Fixed issue with MicroStation crash when changing level attributes in specific file.
765698 Fixed issue with crash while using "Update sheet properties" from Sheet Index.
713140 Black cursor appears invisible in Text Editor Dialog.
658456 Fixed issue with View Control tool disappears on 4K monitor.
654256 The Sheet Index does not include the Sheet Model Description - Fixed
653858 Fixed issue with Chamfer (Method : Distances | Distance/Angle) shows chamfer edit preview handles at opposite sides.
853275 Extrude along is not working when the Path is longer than 600 meters - Fixed in specific file.
874276 Fixed issue with problems when create/link variables to Rows and Columns fields in Array feature tool.
780915 Error dialog displays when changing Boolean variable value of Parametric cell instance in Properties.
659247 Constraints are lost in generated cell file when creating parametric cell by fence with constraints markers off.
660208 Fixed issue with losing constraints in specific file.
867853 MicroStation crashes when selecting parametric cell to get property information in specific file.
660778 Position mapping submenu doesn't work with french keyboard
762550 Resolved issue with upgrading products through Connection Client when there is an installation issue in certain conditions.
874542 Raster (TIF) file did not display when it is not in the same folder as master file for specific file.
835257 DWG text node frame/background mask is not displayed correctly as AutoCAD does in specific file.
892472 Fixed issue with Line style of mesh elements in DWG file revert to "0".
660468 Text Style Name Template doesn't work when Saving DGN as DWG in specific case.
660346 DWG text node frame/background mask is not displayed in MicroStation in certain file.
657333 Cells missing when saving DGN to DWG and merging References in specific file.
657349 Resolved issue where PLine linetype did not show on AECC_TIN_SURFACE when LT generation is disabled.
657379 Incorrect display of AutoPLANT DWG files in hidden lines display, resolved in specific file.
656132 Converting DGN to DWG files will cause a crash of program due to lack of memory fixed.
653555 Fixed issue with new Notes placed in attached DWG file, get distorted when reference in another DWG file.
654768 Resolved issue where Multiline Text & Text Frame of DWG have different results in AutoCAD and MicroStation in specific file set.
654940 Resolved issue where, DWG drawings generated with Civil 3D displays in sheet model different than in AUTOCAD. Labels (Text) are Not Rotated.
653689 Fixed issue where converting this specific file to DWG, the text of the dimensions shift upwards.
689372 Fixed issue with specific file where export to DWG creates empty ref. file.
735863 Fixed issue in specific file where Line style of line string elements in DWG file revert to "0".
721478 Specific DWG file not displaying custom line styles correctly.
721489 Specific DWG file not displaying Label group scale correctly in sheet models.
794928 AECC_STATION_OFFSET_LABEL flipped over in specific file.
725907 Reference file geometries not reprojected correctly after keyin "reference reload force all" for certain file.
657424 Reference->Presentation-> display style, not getting applied for the specific reference file.
657455 Fixed issue with Models Dialog ' Description' column does not sort in alphabetical order correctly.
657654 Resolved issue with MS_REF_MASTERFILELAST_DESIGN Configuration Value setting.
655132 Elements get selected which are outside clipped referenced boundary in specific file.
845238 Shape file GCS not loaded correctly in specific file.
786189 Resolved issue where 'Label line' tool not showing bearing direction correctly on reference elements.
802391 Fixed issue with Google Earth Synchronization tool displaying error message of incorrect version.
768024 Fixed issue where, Place Circle> tool-setting> changing options from Diameter> Radius> Diameter would cause a crash.
767614 Resolved issue where Element Selection By Type unselected elements by all Types, not one type.
764673 Fixed issue with Place Circle> tool-setting> changing options from Diameter> Radius> Diameter cause crash in specific file.
776541 Editing Chinese tag brings error display for specific file.
654996 Fixed issue with the Construct Active Point Along Element tool does not allow you to pick an element below an existing Point element in which to place new Point.
655667 Resolved issue with Graphic Groups element loses its association to the group when modified.
653521 Block attributes in DWG file are not automatically displayed when opening in MicroStation and viewing as tags.
653561 Fixed issue with ghost image of dimensions are seen on the left-bottom corner of the drawing.
653600 After editing dimension text, text weight changes to 0 weight cannot change text weight after that. Dimension line and extension lines change in specific file.
653605 Dimension Style Extension Lines do not display correctly in specific file.
653615 Label Line tool dimensions wrong angle for reference attached to sheet model for certain file.
653645 Fixed issue with Text Style used in dimension style is not shown in Text Editor while editing dimension text.
659390 Fixed issue with the call the "placelabel associationstate" on or off from a macro nothing changes on the dialog.
658570 Key-in "placelabel associationstate off" does not display 'Place Label' tool-setting> 'Association' button as Off.
658571 Key-in "placelabel relativeassociationstate On/Off" does not display 'Place Label' tool-setting> 'Relative Association' button as On/Off.
660243 Fixed issue with insertion point difference when using Insert Vertex on a Curve.
653589 Using "placelabel dialog" via VBA does not support associative points.
654572 Resolved issue - unable to export instances of item if attached to model.
678865 Report not selecting cell element in the DGN, When the selection type is "Current Selection"
764575 Item Type Origin value incorrect for specific file.
657562 Fixed issue with Reference presentation is overridden by Display style of view.
657671 The Key-in "rotate view element;%d;point ab;reset" does NOT rotate the view until the element is horizontal but it rotates to the nearest 90 degrees.
658272 When a terrain has triangulation turned on and thematic height display is applied, then each triangle displays thematic height.
816367 Fixed issue with specific file where file will crash when changing display style to Illustration.
770212 Fixed issue with OBJ file is opened or attach as reference causes crash.
660300 Extend to Intersection on Line Strings fixed.
660303 Fixed issue where Break Element does not start AccuDraw.
656376 Fixed issue with Construct Circular Fillet Tool does not work correctly when launched from Modify Tools Toolbox.
655258 Resolved VBA does not work with MSbatch ( cmd line Batch Process ).
734822 Fence File Copy filled shapes clipped in Sheet Model Levels change to 'Default' in copied output file.
734807 Fence File Copy filled shapes clipped in Sheet Model not in copied output file
687356 Resolved support for SketchUp group elements.
709777 Import STEP file (.stp) is not complete in specific file.
822905 Fixed issue with a crash when editing a specific file with Copy Parallel tool.
760096 Resolved a crash when calling DGNPlatform GetComponentId.
790114 Fixed issue with Conflicting _VARNAME is defined.
724438 Dot net framework error when clicking on Render Scene is resolved.
703818 Fixed issue with Cloud layers not working in Copied Atmosphere preset.
669288 Resolved VUE Rendering with Path Tracing option, produces black output.
763486 Fixed issue with VUE does not render lines in specific file.
763944 VUE Render Output Channels Not Working Correctly for indoor scene for specific file.
785341 Resolved issue with renders with set Atmosphere to None doesn't save alpha channel
867467 Fixed issue with Nvidia denoiser not working with R7.
802711 Updated Reference Files not Rendered in Vue at Updated Location.
779749 Fixed issue with ECX ITEMS DUMP crashes MicroStation for specific file.
656075 Microstation Update 13.1 does not shows the IFC attributes properties for attached IFC file.
656057 Fixed issue with IFC PSet_* propeties are not seen in element info dialog on selecting element.
670475 Named Group element information shows all elements of Named Group as duplicated properties.
701857 Attach item types to selection doesn't work in DGN when item types are defined in DGNlib in specific case.
716685 Change reference file orientation in specific file results in Model Not Found error.
727314 The filtering options from the "Preview Results" are not displayed in the correct unit.
812832 Fixed issues with opening Clash Detection dialog causes crash with specific DGN files.
876937 Reference attachment method variable is not working in specific file.
908697 Fixed issue with hovering over attached IFC items crashes MicroStation.
743078 Resolved issue with attaching Reality Mesh using URL crash MicroStation.
748890 Mesh subtract tool crashes while generating output in specific file.
760016 Fixed issue for File Compress, it should show a message that File Compress is recommended at the end of the session.
776912 Fixed issue with specific file crash upon opening.
805127 Fixed issue with reality mesh with incorrect format should not be attached.
Below is the list of issues resolved in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17. 1:
Issue Number Description
928304 Fixed issue with wrong GCS reprojection out of range causes incorrect calculation of raster border/
934009 Resolved issue with the VBA variable msdDesignFileFormatV7 is undefined.
926431 Fixed issue with view generated xml reports when working with Standards Checker continuously.
766146 Resolved issue with Keyin "place fence view n" is raising crash if view n is closed
788516 Fixed issue with incorrect UserOverrideGeodeticTransformSeed.asc for overrides
896165 Resolved issue with attributes that did not display in this block from specific file.
897518 Resolved issue where User name and password need to be entered every time for users WMS URL.
909862 Fixed issue with Selection Block method not selecting filled shapes from inside.
915175 Resolved issue with specific DWG file that would crash on MBlocks with "Block Attribute as Tags" Turned on.
915617 Resolved crash when opening specific IFC file.
916814 Updated messaging when users do not have permission to enable iTwin Synchronizer.
923450 Resolved hang for WMTS for user`s url for GCS "Amersfoort.LL"
924776 Fixed issue where WMTS map location is not correct in specific file.
847831 Line Style width displays/prints differently when file opened in MicroStation compared with AutoCAD.
860861 Reverse relation from Reports is not fetching Tag instance information along with elements.
876755 Resolved issue with specific DWG file does not open in MicroStation.
878283 Resolved issue where MS_DWGREF_USESHADEPLOT did not work.
878903 Fixed specific file crashing when trying to move/copy Parametric solid.
881416 Fixed issue with Parametric constraints don't update variations of a Parametric Sketch as Expected.
885661 Reports show incorrect values when EC Expressions have lookups is resolved in specific file.
889687 Fixed issue with change normals and select multiple elements exits MicroStation.
890285 Crash dialog did not appear for change mesh normal tool crash with multiple selection of elements.
893734 Fixed issue with Revolved solids Export to SketchUp format is not working.
669774 Fixed issue with specific file where insert Excel Worksheet crashes product.
677177 Fixed issue with the MDL function mdlIntersect_allBetweenExtendedElms returns wrong number of intersections.
748718 Fixed issue with Selection colors sequence is not working properly.
654913 Fixed issue with placing a line using the linestyle, reopening the same file in v8i are showing their scale use differently in specific file.
654940 Resolved issue where DWG drawings generated with Civil 3D displays in sheet model different than in AUTOCAD. Labels (Text) are Not Rotated in MS Sheet model as it should be.
655226 Resolved issue where Line style Scale attributes lost when using merge into master.
655270 Fixed issue with Multiline in the cell, the Multiline offset does not honor the line style active scale when placing it as cell.
656288 Resolved hang when exporting a specific DGN file to JT format.
656293 Fixed issue with specific file when importing IGES file incorrectly.
656449 Fixed issue with IFC export with IFC 2x3 or IFC4 both crashes, when there is no Floor data in specific file.
657236 Fixed issue with blinking in elements is seen while doing "Turn Off All" operation in level display.
657759 Resolved issue with Replace Cell tool puts all the cells on the level it was created on.
658451 Fixed issue when Resolution 3840*2160 Combo box from V8i Task Theme appears to be cut off.
658764 Resolved issue with MDL application auto loads when toolbox is left open from the previous session.
658951 Resolved issue with Japanese grid files cannot be converted to binary form on first use.
658990 Resolved issue with Cells not placed at tentative point when "Auto-Focus Tool Settings" is ON in preferences.
659011 Resolved issue with branded file not able to switch to correct workspace/workset in specific data set.
659016 Resolved error at the startup if Environment Variables has a single quote mark at MS_LIBRARY_PATH.
659040 If MS_DEF is set to a path that includes a large number of folders MicroStation does not respond until the entire folder list has been accessed in specific case.
659544 Resolved issue with opening a specific DGN file containing a clipped PDF crashes MicroStation.
659892 Fixed issue with specific file with seed table header row formatting.
659908 NAN values occur in attachment settings during change of GCS [-nan(IND)]
660326 Fixed issue with Modify tool-setting options are not visible when pin docked.
661352 Resolved issue with Editing blank Text node, new text not matching with node format.
661608 The 64 Bit MSCOMCTL.OCX for Microsoft Office providing Listview control is not available and used in MicroStation userforms
661658 Fixed issue with Edit tags fails in certain workflow.
661753 Resolved issue with executing the keyin "vba load" to load a password protected VBA project raises the interface error 140.
935465 Fixed issue with hang while attaching Model local BIM file with Config variable "_USTN_IMODELATTACH_ENABLEMERGE=1" in specific file case.
936183 Resolved issue with VBA method DataBlock.CopyString raises error: end-of-file encountered
936357 Fixed MicroStation crash on startup with specific file.
937449 Fixed issue with VBA method .AddElement to add an ApplicationElement with Datablock is raising msdError69655.
938118 Resolved issue with Fence and Copy Reference Elements to Master that would result in crash.
938754 Fixed issue with hardcoded elements on "Manage Configuration" dialog.
939786 Resolved crash when attaching specific OPC point cloud.
939900 Referenced Terrain disappears when turning on Override Symbology in properties dialog.
940106 Crash when close DGN with Multiple WMTS map attached in specific file.
945612 Fixed issue with DWG drawing generated with Civil 3D displays in sheet model different than in AutoCAD, MicroStation text is spread over two lines in AutoCAD a single line.
947822 Fixed issue with Enter Data Field crashes MicroStation when using a comma.
956941 Fixed issue with reference coincident world keyin crashes.
958000 Resolved issue with Trim multiple doesn't let a shape trim itself in specific case.
958218 Fixed Crash with VBA method .GetMember and .RemoveMember fail if element is from attachment.
959014 Resolved issue with the attach WMS (URL) does not work in MicroStation but works in GAIA or QGIS.
960992 Fixed issue where cut parametric solid using given shape would not work in specific case.
963330 Reports filter is not working with specific file.
963720 Resolved issue with attaching Raster WMTS shows unexpected dialog.
965243 Fixed issue with Configuration.xml UTF encoding.
965840 Cannot select certain layers of a WMTS server.
967688 Cleanup mesh tool crashes on test case with use of options for coplanar facets and aspect ratio.
968247 MicroStation Connect crashes exporting a DGN to CGM format in specific file.
970050 Fixed issue with loading a USER`s WMTS link via Raster Manager hangs MicroStation.
971214 Updated Error Messaging for Tools Extrude Along Path, Shell Solid and Loft Surface Tool.
974019 Fixed issue with The icon 'Show/Hide All Properties As Text' in Attach items dialog is not fully visible - German version
976022 Crash after changing the "Use last valid value" from true to false for PROFILE property
976048 Added the ability to disable access to manage, edit, hide and delete configuration when _USTN_USER_CONFIGURATION is true.
977497 Fixed issue with system crashing when editing text in specific file.
979455 Fixed issue with WKT/PRJ that was previously correctly interpreted.
982925 Fixed issue with Item type field should place with active level .
983053 Resolved issue with Import Export for item instance is not working when property name is defined with Chinese character.
936192 Customized the default color of placement points in parametric components.
961203 Fixed the creating Delta terrain causing a crash.
664187 Request option to select another or no WorkSet on File > Open Mismatch Alert dialog.
685590 Check Box to Merge Internal References on DGN / DWG Export Options
689747 Resolved issue with searching EPSG:27700 should return OSGB-GPS-2015 instead of BritishNatGrid.
894117 Updated to make "Read-Only!" message more apparent.
896171 Resolved issue to support different scales on DGNAttachment as AutoCAD does.
935188 Added all Vietnam 2000 datum based GCS from EPSG database.