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Defects Resolved in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13

Below is the list of issues resolved in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13.

Issue Number Description
1024978 Issue with specific file where export DGN to FBX and OBJ, with mapping of the texture is wrong.
1031127 Issue with certain cases (Profile based solid with Chamfer & Fillet Features), Array Along Path Tool gives incorrect Results (with Rotate Item ON and OFF).
737751 Issue with Enter Data Fields copies every time after each editing.
1032617 Level Display dialog does not get updated after saved view applied.
946908 Dropping shared cell to Normal cell crashes in specific file.
998337 Error creating file when saving this DGN to DWG due to specific ItemType issue.
985043 Issue with Text with masking background in Detailing Symbols Styles does not mask the wing.
1028135 Issue with Geometry map not deleting after switching to Legacy to PBR and change pattern on PBR.
1029071 Hangs while opening specific IFC file.
803394 Issue with Data Fields to be filled can't be highlighted or selected in certain file.
976595 Array Along Path Tool gives incorrect result with Arc and Helix as a Path Element.
1006179 For certain cases, Array Along Path Tool gives incorrect Results when 'Rotate Items' toggle is set to ON.
1012891 Issue with Auto Fill in Data Fields not filling in proper sequence .
1034348 Specific file shows elements in the file which are not displayed & are causing performance issues.
730231 Issue with DWG tables resized when opened.
872274 Issue with Zoom doesn't work correctly in the Find/Replace text tool, for texts in reference file.
931636 Renaming a Named Group changing between Upper and Lower case reports already exists.
1022127 Issue with large TIFF files fail to display.
1026624 Issue with FBX exported from MicroStation causes mesh geometry to break in pieces instead of export as single mesh geometry.
800144 Issue with Fence stretch unexpected/undesired behavior in specific file.
898506 Attached material lost after converting a Solid/SmartSolid to Mesh.
941474 MicroStation crashes on fit view after attach xrdp format reality mesh.
1022378 Exporting DGN with multiple references should have to change duplicate element ids from multiple reference.
1018653 Issue with edit single Enter data field does not work on Nested cells.
862239 Issue with using the ' Copy Model ' tool does not yield same results as the model being copied.
853270 Issue with Hatch set in the Cut Section using display Rule is not seen at the correct position in 2D Sheet / Drawing model.
981142 Issue with Web Map Services ssl protocol to TLSv1.1. and TLSv1.2 does not work.
1009237 Crash with Save Settings causes MicroStation to exit in specific file.
1014356 Issue with Cached Visible Edges using the level override setting of the active Reference instead of that set in the nested Reference.
1015045 Enable Disable Mirror for Env > Image should be Setup specific.
999491 Issue with Material disappearing if you edit primitive/smart/parametric solid.
999634 Issue with Material not showing after using Union Feature.
941555 Issue with Ribbon resizing application being slow.
988652 Crash with 3D Angle Constraint not working in all degrees in specific file.
989545 Issues with transparent Cached Visible Edges and Printing Issues.
976469 Issue with Label Point Coordinate Separator Defined As Space Fails To Recognize Active Level.
999898 Specific Shp file crashes MicroStation.
1005208 Issue with DCdrape material will not render same as Displayed in View, DCDRAPE gets scaled down and tiled on mesh in Luxology Output.
1007911 Issue with specific file where merging a reference file into the master file deletes the saved views in the master file.
968155 Issue with Ordinate Dimension> 'Datum Value' is not working properly.
968159 Issue with message center not providing coordinates after doing Snap tentative.
983218 Import of specific ACIS(*.sat) file where Coordinates changed Error.
981308 When copying some Parametric solids from reference crashes MicroStation.
999249 Issue with Dynamic Views Drawing With Hatch Area using display rules.
1007200 Issue with Cell name with special character not handled correctly, export BIM info to LumenRT caused export issue.
538475 Issue with Surface elements treated as multi-faceted during Luxology rendering.
630089 MicroStation crashes when you perform Save Settings on specific file.
643156 Issue where AccuDraw loses the focus every time an arithmetic operation is done and intro is pressed to introduce the result of the calculation.
662338 Issue with Save Multiple image script generate wrong results (missed objects).
675548 Issue where "Place Coordinate cell" does not automatically update the field.
853600 Issue when converting ACIS to parasolids causes a delay.
909582 MicroStation crashes from Text Template Manager in German version.
908628 Schemas are not embedded in the i.dgn after publishing a DGN in which item type is created.
470871 Raster data is not displaying for attached dataset.
531796 DCdrape material quality is low in Luxology rendering output.
662925 Geometries are getting exported to incorrect locations in specific file.
989628 Issue with Re-exporting DGN to LRT from Update 11 will lead to crash in specific file.
995823 Issue where PNG images can not be seen correctly.
996727 Issue where you cannot change material through property dialog.
962509 Issue where Level display is not updated after sheet creation.
963839 Issue in specific file where Nested Extended Elements lost from DGN to DWG.
925434 Cancelling search in Select Geographic Coordinate System' dialog > Search tab> 'Find Now' caused unhandled exception error.
931504 Issue where selecting large no of elements in presence of Element information dialog takes lot of time.
933824 Issue with material attachment from external material will not be seen in material hierarchy.
945301 Issue where levels do not show on Rhino 5.0 file.
957879 Issue with specific files where Referencing or Opening SHP file is crashing MicroStation CONNECT Edition.
730458 Issue with specific files exported to ACIS sat can not be viewed from AutoCAD.
773607 Issue with not being able to 'Exchange' into reference file when its display is off.
792911 Issue with missing material assignment in materials file when edited and compressed.
794837 Issue where internal material palette cannot be "Save" or "Save As" after edit.
328353 Issue with Convert external materials to internal wont display materials and palette as internal.
420112 Issue where material is seen missing for reference element when specific files are opened in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.
683456 Issue where delete light setup operation won't UNDO in one click, required to undo twice, light manager won't refresh to show undo operation.
695710 Issue with crash when attached external materials in specific files.
736815 Issue when using Raster transform tool to move a raster, the raster becomes visible rather than being invisible.
817956 Issue with viewing raster image in MicroStation Connect Edition in specific file.
905845 Once a Material has been assigned to a Solid it cannot be changed via the Properties dialog.
928383 Issue with SketchUp export results into triangular mesh facets.
928505 Issue where elements having Transparent Material attachments are coming as opaque.
932719 Issue with WMS 1.3.0 and EPSG:3059 causing hang.
943882 Issue with Hook to F1 in Reports dialog.
949285 Issue with Custom filter in Create Link > Configuration Variable Link does not work.
949665 Issue with WMS Raster Attachment not working in specific file.
978357 Issue with not being able to redo edited text.
989627 Issue with specific DGN file failing to open in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.
996754 Issue with Copy /Paste elements on material not working.
733538 Issue with display problem with raster images with clip boundary on specific file.
956525 Issue with storing PNG file to location from Multiple script render is not working properly.
960259 Issue with Export Levels to CSV not Importing the Level Numbers from the CSV.
972305 Crash while opening specific IFC file.
975033 Auto-word in this multi-leader did not wrap correctly.