MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Bentley Macro Recorder

The Bentley Macro Recorder provides a set of features to allow non-programmers to record and play back macros. It also provides elementary level macro editing features.

The users will record BMR macros just as they recorded macros in the past. Once recorded, the macro is saved as a .bmr file and stored at the location pointed by the MS_MACRONEWFILEDIRECTORY configuration variable.

Note: If you want any setting changes to be persisted in a macro, you should explicitly record them in the macro. For example, say you want to record a macro of placing text in red color. While recording, if your text style already has the color set to red, the text would display in red. However, you have not made any color changes while recording the macro. So when you run the same macro, it will take the text style color. If you change the text style color to black and run the macro, the text will be placed in black. If you always want the text to be placed in red, you will have to explicitly set the color while recording the macro.

For experienced VBA programmers, Bentley Macro Recorder provides a way to promote a macro to a VBA.

Macro Recorder Configuration Variables

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect the Bentley Macro Recorder. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.
Variable Short name Description
MS_MACRO Macros Defines the search path for macros.
MS_MACRONEWFILEDIRECTORY Macros Defines the default path where new macros will be saved.