MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Reference Configuration Variables

MicroStation includes configuration variables to help set up all aspects of the references.

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect reference files. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.

Variable Short name Description
MS_DISALLOWFULLREFPATH Disallow Full Ref Path If set, the product does not save the full path to references. By default, the product stores both an abbreviated (portable) path and the full path to references.
MS_NEST_COLORADJUSTMENT Nested Reference Color Adjustment If set to any value, the nested reference color adjustments at each level are multiplied by this value. If not set, the color adjustment for the top level reference controls the color adjustment for all nested references.
MS_REF_DEFAULTATTACHDIRECTORY Default Attachment Directory If set, the Attach Reference dialog defaults to this directory, rather than the directory of the last attached reference.
MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS Default Attachment Settings Controls the default settings for reference attachments. This variable is set to a comma-separated list of key=value pairs — for example: snap=1,locate=0,trueScale=1,scaleLineStyles=0.

Recognized keys and values include: display=0|1, snap=0|1, locate=0|1, treatAsElement=0|1, attachMethod=coincident|world|geoReprojected|geoAECTransform, useLights=0|1, saveRelativePath=0|1, scaleLineStyles=0|1, ignoreWhenNesting=0|1, displayRasterRefs=0|1, displayBoundary=0|1, newLevelDisplay=fromconfig|always|never, nestMode=live|copy|none, nestDepth=<value>,nestOverrides=allow|always|never, useAnnotationScale=0|1, synchWithSavedView=none|volume|allsettings, levelControlDisplay=0|1, plotAs3D=0|1.

Also, to store the complete path to V7 files for newly attached references, set the variable to completepathv7=1.

MS_REF_DONTHILITEFORMANIP Hiliting References for Manipulation

By default, the product highlights all elements in a reference file when the reference is manipulated. If this variable is set to any value, this highlighting is disabled. Disabling speeds up the reference manipulations but makes it more difficult to see which references are being manipulated.

MS_REF_ENABLE_LEGACY_VISEDGE Enable Visible Edges "Legacy" Option If set to 1, the Legacy option for the reference Visible Edges drop-down is displayed. The Cached option replaces the "Legacy" (True Hidden Line) option and provides superior performance and accuracy.
MS_REF_MASTERFILELAST_DESIGN Design Model Update Sequence Controls the default update sequence of references and master model in the design model. If 0, the default, the master design model is visible on top of the references.
MS_REF_MASTERFILELAST_DRAWING Drawing Model Update Sequence Controls the default update sequence of references and master model in the drawing model. If 1, the default, the references are visible on top of the master drawing model.
MS_REF_MASTERFILELAST_SHEET Sheet Model Update Sequence Controls the default update sequence of references and master model in the sheet model. If 1, the default, the references are visible on top of the master sheet model.
MS_REF_MAXNESTDEPTH Maximum Reference Nestinf Depth Controls the maximum nesting depth for reference attachments while creating new attachments or while changing existing attachments. This is an optional variable and can be set to any number between 0 and 99.
MS_REF_NEWLEVELDISPLAY New Level Display If set, the product displays newly created levels in references. By default, when new levels are created in a model that is referenced by another model, the new levels are not displayed when the referencing model is opened. Newly created models are considered until "Save settings" is performed. This functionality only works when both the master file and referenced files are in the V8 file format.
MS_REF_NO_CVE_LOAD Disable loading of CVE References If set to 1, any cached reference will not be loaded. This effectively overrides cached reference to use the "Cache Synch: Never (Disconnected)" option.

Setting MS_REF_NO_CVE_LOAD can reduce the time to open large data sets. However, element properties are not available and certain annotation tools may not be available for the unloaded/disconnected cached references.

MS_REF_VISEDGE_ATTACH_STATE Controls the default state of Visible Edges setting during a 3D reference attachment to a 2D model. The Visible Edges setting is displayed in the Reference Attachment Properties dialog and Create Drawing dialog. Options for this configuration variable are Dynamic, CachedManual, CachedAutomatic, CachedAlert, or CachedDisconnect.
MS_SECTION_BACK_VISIBLE_EDGES The Cached Visible Edge processing algorithm generates section graphics along the front crop plane of the Forward clip volume and the back crop plane of the Backward clip volume.

The following configuration variables affect reference files but they do not appear in the Configuration Variables dialog.

Variable Short name Description
MS_CVE_ALLOW_ACTIVATE (not applicable) Is set to 1, allows in-place activation of a cached reference.
MS_REF_NOMISSINGREPORT (not applicable) If set, the Message Center window does not display a message if references are not located.
MS_REF_NOSURVEYFOOTCHECK (not applicable) If set, hides the alert window that opens when you attach a reference with working units set to US Survey Feet to a model whose working units are set to Feet (International Feet), or vice-versa.