MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Enable Georeferencing

You can specify the position of your design content on the earth's surface. This is accomplished by assigning a geographic coordinate system to the active model, thus allowing you to enter data in longitude, latitude format, known as georeferencing.

Setting the Enable Georeferencing printer driver property to On, enables you to include the geographic coordinate system in the published PDF document.

To display the longitude/latitude:

  • In Acrobat and Reader 9.0, select Tools > Analysis > Geospatial Location Tool.
  • In Acrobat X, select View > Tools > Analysis > Geospatial Location Tool.
  • In Reader X, select Edit > Analysis > Geospatial Location Tool.

To properly display longitude/latitude values for maps that were drawn with a NAD27 grid, you will need to change Acrobat's Geospatial Measuring preferences (Edit > Preferences > Measuring (Geo)), as shown in the procedure below.

Note: Mirroring and disproportionate scaling will cause improper output of longitude and latitude values in the PDF and is not supported. Disproportionate scaling is only supported in Print Organizer.
  In .PLTCFG editor
Property or Record Name Enable Georeferencing
Syntax .
Values On, Off
Default On