MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Data Files Configuration Variables

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect Data Files. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.

Variable Short name Description
MS_CUSTOMSHEETSIZEDEF Sheet Size Definitions Defines the location of the sheetsizes definition file that can be used when creating sheet models.
MS_CUSTOMSCALEDEF Scales Definitions Defines the location of the scales definition file that can be used when creating models.
MS_CUSTOMUNITDEF Unit Definitions for Upgrading Defines the location of the unit definition file that can be used when upgrading pre-V8 files to V8 DGN files.
MS_HTMLDGNDIR HTML Template Directory Directory containing template DGN files used to generate cell images for HTML documents.
MS_WMS_SERVERS_SEED Seed file for MS_WMS_SERVERS file If the file specified by MS_WMS_SERVERS does not exist, the Map Editor creates it by copying the file specified by this configuration variable.
MS_WMS_SERVERS Web Map Service Servers Lists the servers for the Web Map Service dialogs.
MS_DATETIMEFORMATS Standard Date Time formats Provides the list of formats available from the Fields Editor for Date/Time fields.
MS_SETTINGS Settings Resource Open settings file.
MS_SETTINGSOUTDIR Settings Output Directory Directory for newly created settings files. This configuration variable is also used to store the default source and destination of process job and command files for the Batch Process Utility as well as the default location of batch convert job files.
MS_SETTINGSDIR Settings Directory Directory containing settings files.
MS_SUPPRESS_FILE_WORKSET_ASSOCIATION MS_SUPPRESS_FILE_WORKSET_ASSOCIATION If set to 0 (default) you will see a pop up alert asking you to assign a workset to your dgn file. If set to 1, it will suppress the alert and you can open a dgn file without assigning a workset to it.
MS_REMAP_CSVFILE Remap CSV File If this variable points to a remapping comma separated value (CSV) file, the remap filter defaults to that file for the remapping during the Save As operation.
MS_BSILOG_CONFIG_FILE Logging config file Location of the file that controls and configures diagnostic logging. The default is $(MS_DATA)BSILOG.CONFIG.XML.
MS_BSILOG_ENABLE Enable diagnostic logging Allows the logging of diagnostic messages.
MS_USEWINDOWSDEFAULTCROSSCURSOR Windows Default Cross-cursor If set to True, will display the Windows default cross-hair on the screen (2-pixel width horizontal and vertical lines which construct the cross). If undefined or set to any other value; will display the default MicroStation cross-hair on the screen.