MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Update a Parametric Cell in a DGN with a Newer Version Having Updated Item Type and Parametric Information

In a DGN if you wish to upgrade a placed parametric cell with a newer version of it, having updated Item Types information you can do so using the Update from Library tool in the Cell Library dialog. All updated information including parametric information (variables and variations), and Item Types information, will display once the newer version of the cell is placed in the DGN. The existing older instances of the cell will also be updated to display the latest information.
For example, if you want to update a parametric cell named Frame for a newer version with updated variations and item types information:

  1. Open the Cell Library dialog (Drawing > Content > Cells dialog launcher).
  2. Attach the cell library file containing the newer version of the parametric cell with updated item types information.
  3. Toggle on Show Shared and Parametric Cell Definitions. All the available cell definitions are populated in the dialog list box.

  4. Select the newer version of the cell and toggle on Update from Library.

    The Upgrade Item Type Library message is displayed.

  5. Select Yes. The Update Parametric Cell dialog opens.
    Note: If you select NO, the message closes and an error message will display saying that the Item Type information in the cell library for the cell does not match the version placed in the active file. If you close this message and place the cell, the older version of the cell will be placed.

  6. Select Update. All the existing instances of the parametric cell, Frame, will be updated to the newer version, reflecting updated Item Types and parametric information. When you place another instance of the cell, the newer variations will be available in the Place Parametric Cell dialog:

    Select the desired variation for the cell to place.

    You can view the Updated Item Types information in the Item Types dialog for the attached item types.

    You can view the updated Variables and Variations information for the cell in the Variables dialog.